What is the RME ? (in english)

The RME is a major french actor on documentation and archives on the environment (including ecologism, both from ONGs and political). The RME carries the Projet Mémoire de l’Environnement (Memory of the Environment Project), the main program launched in 2001 by the Fondation René Dumont. It became autonomous in 2003, and published a report, Pour une culture de l’environnement (For a culture of the environment) in 2003-2004.

The RME gathers today 23 centers of documentation and archives, specialized totally or partly in the environment, from sciences to militantism, for a total of more than a million documents. Some of the those centers are very important and play a strategic role (particularly the Centre d’Archives Contemporaines of the Archives Nationales of France). Two centers are located in Belgium (ETOPIA) and in Greece (Evonymos Ecological Library, or EEL). The RME, EEL and ETOPIA are fully part of the HISTECOLOGIA nertwork, founded in 2010. The RME is a coordination structure, recognized of public interest by the French State, and under agreement with the City of Paris.

RME/MDA (boîte n° 2) 15 passage Ramey 75018 Paris



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